Sarah Bray ESMT IAAMT/ BHSAI /VTCT 3 - The Velvet Touch

Equine, Human & Canine Holistic Remedial Muscular Therapy/ Sports Massage Therapy - LED Light Therapy07900276700
The Velvet Touch Equine Massage

Before your horse is treated:-

1. Please ensure your horse is clean and dry, including feet & feathers.

2.. Please have a flat, clean area, where your horses may be treated safely.

3. Let your vet know that you are intending to have your horse massaged, in case he/she thinks it is not a good idea, for medical reasons.

4. Have your tack available to be used/checked if needed.

5. Ensure you have payment with you – as it is required in full on the day of treatment £40 cash or cheque made out to Sarah Bray.