The Velvet Touch - Sarah Bray ESMT IAAMT/ BHSAI /VTCT 3

Equine, Human & Canine Holistic Remedial Muscular Therapy/ Sports Massage Therapy - LED Light Therapy07900276700
The Velvet Touch Equine Massage

The Velvet Touch

Equine, Human and Canine Holistic Muscular Therapy/Remedial SPORTS Massage Therapy - PLUS LED light therapy and nutritional support.

30 years experience working in the Equine Industry. 15 years experience muscular assessment and therapy.


Insurance: Towergate Professional Liability

Equine and Canine Sports Massage:-

All owners must inform their vet upon booking a Sports Massage.
This is to ensure your vet is consenting to the booking and that there are no contra-indications. I am happy to talk to your Vet if they have any queries about Massage Therapy.

Equine consent Form here.
Canine consent Form here.

Horse Massage £40 depending on location
Dog Massage £25-£40 depending on location
Payment required in full on the day of treatment.
Cash or Bank Wire in advance please.
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Human Sports Massage:-

Please discuss with your GP or medical adviser, to ensure Sports Massage is recommended and that there are no contra-indications.

Human Sports Massage cost - £35 depending on location

Payment required in full on the day of treatment. Cash or Bank Wire in advance please. See us on Facebook.

Sarah is based in Bishops Waltham in Hampshire. She covers the Hampshire area and also occasionally works in West Sussex and Wiltshire for clients with several horses that need care. Contact her to discuss a visit for your horse here.

Sarah will have Equinox supplements available to purchase at massage appointments and there is a £5 discount for each 3K tub, purchased at the same time as a massage.

There is also local delivery available without any P&P for areas local to Bishops Waltham. Please email to enquire.

Equinox GASTRO U - Highest strength gastric & hindgut
Equinox Original - gastric & hindgut, immunity, stamina, improved hooves, muscle, skin & coat - all in one
Equinox MUSCLE - 22 amino acids + Selenium & Vit E for muscle build, strength & maintaining suppleness - ideal for horses who experience tightness during or after work
Equinox HOOVES - professional strength for hooves, soles, frogs & immunity
Equinox SPORT - as Original + more energy, quicker recovery from hard work
Yarrowi CANINE - coming very soon

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